A while back when I was in film school, I did an interview for a blog. The comments were mostly encouraging and few treble which were funny to me, because I don't think that my answers were bad I was a know it all who had a lot of questions with a limited experience and no practical answers.

When I look back now there was something off about that interview, not in a bad way, but the discussion was about completely two different types of cinemas. I was comparing the art of world cinema,  with everything, but the questions were about a few films and a small group of filmmakers in a new country figuring out the film art and business with meager resource.

The interview was for a blog called kemey.blogspot.com which recently changed its name to to www.kemey.net. It is owned by Issayas Tesfamariam who also a decade later co-coordinates the summer film-making workshop with me in Eritrea since 2016.

Here is the link for the interview, check it out. 

A conversation with Eritrean filmmaker Ambessa Jir Berhe - by Issayas Tesfamariam Kemey.blogspot.com