I’m Ambessa, and I am a filmmaker immersed into multi storytelling art-forms. I’d like to welcome you to my little info corner focused on process for sharing and learning and more to come as it develops gradually & organically.

Instead of writing bio, I have linked few interviews and articles in which describe me will or might contradict me, either ways if you want to know more about what I do please click below on the links about filmmaking, teaching and Eritrean filmmaking workshop journey in the last ten years thank you.

Aug 2018: Workshop Report: Work on Progress Eritrean Film Workshop by Billion Temesghen - Eritrean Profile - SpotLight

Aug 2017: Ambessa Jir's saga workshop: the second account. Wriiten by Billion Temesghen - Eritrean Profile Q&

Aug 2016: Interview: Sharing Ideas from Howard University to Cinema Asmara! Wriiten by Billion Temesghen - Eritrean Profile Q&A

Aug 2018: Eri-TV Interview: Interview with Filmmaker & Assistant Prof. Ambesaggir (Ambessa Jir) Berhe - Raphael Giuseppe - Eri-TV Open M

June 2008: Interview:  A conversation with Eritrean filmmaker Ambessa Jir Berhe - by Issayas Tesfamariam -  kemey.blogspot.com