I am not usually comfortable being on TV programs. I like keeping a low profile doing behind the scene works, but this was important to the profile of the workshop and the filmmakers' works. so I agreed to do the interview on the English language interview program of the National Eritrean Television Network Eri-TV - Open Mic hosted by Raphael Giuseppe.

Originally it was aired on Aug 2017 in two parts, each section a half hour length which covered detailed multiple topics. Then rebroadcasted on Aug 2018 as one half hour part a shorter version edited out some of the points which made some of my answers little confusing. They also misspell my name, that was funny, I mean its not a big deal, I am used to it. In the west someone always misspells or mispronounces my name, but I did not see that coming in my country. 

Overall, it was a good experience. Raphael had good questions and I tried my best to answer it. check it out at least to see at around 13th minute one the student’s short film.

Interview with Filmmaker & Assistant Prof. Ambesaggir (Ambessa Jir) Berhe - hosted by Raphael Giuseppe - Eri-TV Open Mic - distributed by Denden Media

youtube transcript: